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The links below bring you to the 2024 list of the very best golf courses in New England. To make this cut, a course has to earn a New England GolfGuide 3½ Star rating or greater. Of the 610 public courses covered in this book, slightly more than 20 percent make it on this list.

We determine ratings using a uniform set of criteria and compiled by our experienced multi-state rating team. We also take reader feedback seriously and incorporate your comments when appropriate. It is our view that providing you with current and accurate course rating information will only add to your golfing pleasure. In the spirit of constant improvement, we continue to enhance our Course Rating Methodology as well as expand the use of our popular Value Rating™.

Course Rating

The New England GolfGuide course ratings are based on a 1 to 5 star scale. For example, we reserve the 5 Star rating for only a handful of the clearly outstanding courses followed by 4 Star for excellent, 3 Star for very good, and  2 Star for good and  for average and below. As an added enhancement, we also include ½ Star ratings to help distinguish the unique characteristics of one course from another.

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The New England GolfGuide rating team
used the following factors for the 2024 book:

1. Course layout.
Is it interesting and varied? How many of the holes are memorable? Is the course challenging but also fair? Would this course present an interesting and different challenge every time you played it?

2. Course Condition.
What are the average conditions of the tees, fairways, rough, hazards, and greens? What is the overall level of maintenance and attention to detail? How mature is the course?

3. Course Staff, Facilities, and Restrictions.
How helpful and courteous is the staff? Are there adequate amenities? Are there any restrictions that would detract from the golfing experience, and are walkers allowed?

4. Golfer Feedback.
We view this as an important means of gaining insight into the courses of New England. As in years past we strongly encourage you to provide us with your assessment of the courses you have played. Your feedback provides additional support for our ratings.

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